The Ario Caves Project has featured in numerous publications. Here’s a selection…

Coming Soon…
The Ario Dream – Europe’s Deepest Cave?
A film by multi-award winning adventure filmmaker Paul Diffley of Hot Aches Productions.
“For over 55 years expedition cavers have been exploring the deep caves of Ario in the Picos de Europa mountains of Northern Spain. The film follows the team on their latest expeditions as they try to make the last few connections resulting in……”
Release November 2017 …hopefully!

The Sunday Times Magazine
A 6 paged spread written by award-winning journalist David Rose, detailing why 2016 was so triumphant and how Paul Mackrill survived his worst nightmare. Photographers Duncan Simey, Jeff Wade & Paul Diffley

Beneath The Mountains
The classic caving book by David Rose and Richard Gregson documenting the early days of the Ario Caving Project when expeditions were solely run by the Oxford University Cave Club.

Sidetracked Magazine
The immensely popular article published in Sidetracked Magazine about the 2013 expedition. Written by Steph Dwyer with spectacular photos by Jeff Wade

Deep Impact – The Daily Mail
An article telling tales from exploration and cave diving in Asopladeru la Texa with spectacular photos by multi-award winning, National Geographic photographer Robbie Shone

A Mile from Daylight – The Daily Mail 
Coverage of the historic connection between Cueva Culiembro to Pozu del Xitu – the deepest cave to be explored by a British team.  Photographers Mike Bottomley & Paul (Beardy) Swire

Finnish Caving Society – Picos Article
Article published in the December 2016 issue of the Finnish Caving Society (FCS) magazine by Duncan Simey recalling the snagged rope adventure.

Bristol Exploration Club – Ario Article
Article published in the December 2016 issue of the Bristol Exploration Club (BEC) magazine by Duncan Simey recalling being flooded into the newly discovered Underground Hyperdrive series.

Articles in Decent – Wild places publishing 
Edition (231) – Ario the quest for connections, Edition (233) – Beneath the mountains – a return to Xitu

If you know about other publications, please get in touch – thanks!