Objectives 2017

Below is a brief summary of the main objectives for the 2017 expedition, which will take place during June/July:

  • Establish a camp in The Sanctuary (the large chamber found during the 2016 expedition). This will provide an excellent base for multi-day pushing trips in the new upstream extensions as well as the downstream sump. The main leads in the new upstream extensions include:
    1. 26 m waterfall inlet in Sanctuary (bolt climbing project)
    2. 100 m+ aven in Sanctuary (major bolt climbing project)
    3. Waterfall climb at end of F64 inlet (bolt climbing project)
    4. Possible capping project in Tinkle Tankle Passage if way over top of too-tight rift cannot be found
    5. DS Note: Explore large passage seen over F64 Inlet. There may be a connection with C4 avoiding Rio Grande
  • Diving Special Agent Sea. The camp in The Sanctuary can be utilised for this, and so gives chance for several dives if required. Prospects are very good for a connection with 2/7.
  • Complete bolt climbing project in vicinity of phreatic roof tube, located ~ 150m upstream of Special Agent Sea, which ended this year beneath interesting tubes and indentations in the wall above. Examine avens above A Hard Days Knight if this lead closes down.

Featured image is Steph Dwyer and Mike Bottomley at The Altar in the The Sanctuary by Duncan Simey. In front of them is the deep meandering canyon carrying the stream. Behind them is the flat ledge in the South East corner of the chamber.