Sponsors & Supporters

We are excited to announce that DMM climbing and DMM professional are sponsoring the 2017 expedition. DMM climbing are providing us with their premium aid climbing equipment, vital for the numerous bolt climbing projects we have down C4, including quickdraws, karabiners, slings and dynamic ropes. DMM professional have provided us with their low stretch rope, which will be excellent for the fixed rigging in the 600m deep C4, as well as leaving on the new, previously unexplored shafts we hope to discover this year!

For more info go to: http://dmmclimbing.com/

We are delighted to announce that Alpkitwww.alpkit.com are sponsoring the 2017 Ario Caves Project Expedition.

They will be kitting out our underground camp 600m beneath the mountains with their state of the art products, including sleeping bags, camping mats, dry bags, cookware & stoves and synthetic belay jackets. 

Our safety brew stops, dotted along the expanse of this deep cave, will feature Alpkit BruPot cook sets. The perfect lightweight means to keeping nourished and warm on long, grueling travels underground. 

Our remote camp at the cave entrance of C4, perched at 1,850m (alt) on Verdelluenga will feature Alpkit’s Zhota ultra lightweight but tough 4 person tent with large gear storage area and accompanying means of cooking and eating. 

You cannot ask much more from gear, than to survive the harshest of conditions – a deep remote cave! But it needs to do more than survive, rather perform to the highest of standards when at your most vulnerable – pushing your mental and physical limits in a place so inhospitable and remote a rescue is almost improbable! This is ultimate trust and not only do we have that in our Alpkit but they are also a local and ethical brand! Bonuses all round 🙂 

We are chuffed to be sponsored yet again by expedition gear specialists @starlessriver. The Ario Caves Project is eternally indebted to Starless River for their expert advice, support, and unparalleled customer service. If you need some honest advice on gear that you can trust to do the job, then Starless Rivers Tony Seddon is your man. He speaks not only from knowledge but extensive experience.

Check out their website: www.starlessriver.com

They have the widest range of caving equipment in the UK, whatever your needs – caving on expeditions or at home. 

In 2013, we were immensely grateful to receive huge support from Aventure Verticale and Starless River through the use of their 25 & 35L kitbags which are still going strong in 2017 🙂 


We would like to thank the Ghar Parau Foundation for their very much needed and appreciated financial support. Without them this expedition would have proved a much greater financial strain on expedition members.

We are greatly indebted to the Federacion de Espeleologıa del Principado de Asturias (FESPA) for their support with the permit application, and to the Picos de Europa National Park for granting permission for this expedition to proceed.

Aside from these, we would also like to thank the following people and companies:

  • Lyon Equipment for their continued and extremely valuable support.
  • Scurion, for providing us with the cutting edge cave lighting technology to help capture the real time sump exploration in the film -the ARIO DREAM. 
  • Oxford University Caving Club (OUCC) for continued support, and loan of expedition equipment.
  • Martin Laverty (OUCC) who spent a considerable amount of time and effort on producing up-to-date maps of the caves of the Ario bowl for use on this and future expeditions.
  • Chris Jewell, for the loan of expedition kit (sleeping bags and mats) from the Huautla expedition store.
  • Yorkshire Subterranean Society, for use of their meeting room and discounted access to their SRT Wall for training events.
  • Craven Pothole Club, for the loan of ladders for the last pitch in C4.
  • Bradford Pothole Club, for their support and loan of essential equipment. 
  • The wardens and staff of the Refugio Vega de Ario for whose friendship and hospitality we are eternally indebted.