Alpkit sponsor ACP

We are delighted to announce that are sponsoring the 2017 Ario Caves Project Expedition.

Alpkit will be kitting out our underground camp 600m beneath the mountains with their state of the art products, including sleeping bags, camping mats, dry bags, cookware & stoves and synthetic belay jackets. 

Our safety brew stops, dotted along the expanse of this deep cave, will feature Alpkit BruPot cook sets. The perfect lightweight means to keeping nourished and warm on long, grueling travels underground. 

Our remote camp at the cave entrance of C4, perched at 1,850m (alt) on Verdelluenga will feature Alpkit’s Zhota ultra lightweight but tough 4 person tent with large gear storage area and accompanying means of cooking and eating. 

You cannot ask much more from gear, than to survive the harshest of conditions – a deep remote cave! But it needs to do more than survive, rather perform to the highest of standards when at your most vulnerable – pushing your mental and physical limits in a place so inhospitable and remote a rescue is almost improbable! This is ultimate trust and not only do we have that in our Alpkit but they are also a local and ethical brand! Bonuses all round 🙂 

Stay tuned as we update you on why this Alpkit is so great.